For Publishers/App Developers

Connect with the right advertiser brands while creating long-lasting and profitable partnerships. This enables you to work with optimized functionality and grow your business to the next level.


Approach That’s Committed to Excellence

Our experts help you achieve transformative results through consumer insights-led solutions that are data-driven and let you connect with your consumers for potentially unlimited growth. Our user-oriented acquisition and engagement solutions pave way for high-impact business growth which is based upon the deep-rooted understanding of our work-related knowledge.


Adaptive Publisher Solutions for Maximum Revenues

Vazux offers an end-to-end monetization service for all publishers. This includes monetization via ADX, direct brand campaigns, performance campaigns and managed services for trafficking your direct display, video, in-app or native campaigns. Our team will work as yours to help you maximize revenues

Enhanced ROI & Engagement

We deploy new-age marketing techniques that help you connect and drive acquisitions, delivering higher ROI.



We will help you manage your monetization through our programmatic optimization solutions. Our team of experts will apply the latest ad-tech solutions to maximize your revenues.



Vazux will ensure that you get the highest revenues for every impression and click that you deliver. We apply our years of publisher management experience to maximize your yield.


Header Bidding

Vazux can execute the best solutions for header bidding and also provide you with more monetization solutions that will increase your yield by 15% to 40%.


Google ADX Solutions

Vazux can get you off the Adsense account and get you more value for every impression on your website. If your site impressions are below 5 million per month or require expert help, Vazux is your one-stop solution.


Ad Operations

With Vazux ad operations services, you can concentrate on retaining your users with your content. We will take all your monetization worries and ensure that you earn the maximum out of every impression.


Accelerated Mobile Pages

Vazux will help you monetize your accelerated mobile pages through our direct and partner demand.


Content and Creatives

Vazux can plug in the best possible video or text content for your website. We have a vast team of creative and design professionals who can create some of the best websites and creatives.


Timely Payments

We understand that the most important thing after putting in all the hard work is money. So at Vazux we ensure that all our publishers get paid on time every time.